Top 5 RC Cars under $100 in 2018 for You to Drive

Remote controlled cars are a good way to kill some time for children as well as adults. It is a product which offers never-ending fun to all. However, numerous designs, shapes, and features confuse people who are seeking to purchase a product for themselves or a member of their family. Hence, below is a list of best RC cars under $100 in 2018 which you can opt to buy.

  • Maisto RC Rock Crawler

The dimensions are 12.5x7x8 inches, and the chassis is a 4WD (4 wheel drive) one. Under $100, this is one of the best RC cars in the market that has two motors integrated into it. Also, this toy vehicle sports low gearing which assists in remarkable off-road driving.

best rc cars under 100

Moreover, it comes with rear and front articulated suspensions which aid in hopping off rocks and on rocky terrain. The Tri-channel Transmitter provides simultaneous interaction with the vehicles.

  • Velocity Toys Remote Control RTR Piranha Supercar

Its high performing motor aids in reaching the speed limit of 15mph. It sports a durable monocoque frame. Moreover, other features include:

  • 4V 500mAh Lithium-ion battery for high performance.
  • Adjustable alignment for the front
  • Rubber grip, semi-pneumatic tires.
  • Pro steering makes driving easy.

Moreover, the car has dimensions of 18x8x5 inches.

  • HOSIMAll-Terrain RC Car 9112

The 390HP motor incorporated in this machine can cross the 38km/h mark. Also, it offers superior control due to its ergonomic transmitter with highly responsive throttles as well as steering. Furthermore, the remote has a range of 260 feet which enables controlling the car from quite a distance easy.

best rc cars under 100

For top-notch performance off-road, it is loaded with the S-truck suspensiontechnology. This also helps in making it robust, durable and ideal for specialized control such as flip, drift, turn, etc. In addition, being an all-terrainRC car, you can enjoy speeding in it over sand, grass, and marshy land, etc.

  • Danchee Trail Hunter

This car offers a swift rock crawling feature owing to its two motors as well as the technology which offers dual mode. Moreover, it comes with a hobby grade 2.4GHz remote control allowing multiple players to drive nearby without any interference. It also sports:

  • Hill braking mode, and
  • Fully articulated suspension


  • Tecesy Electric Off-Road Truck

The 500mAh 4.8V rechargeable battery this RC car sports provides a run time of fifteen minutes. The body is styled as a desert buggy. Its independent four-wheel system makes it ideal for racing on multiple types of terrain. Also, its speed limit is 16mph/h which makes driving it fun for all.

So, these are the top 5 remote controlled cars which have made the list of best RC cars under $100 in 2018.


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