Self-Storage: Flourishing Industry of Modern World

Self-Storage has become a progressive business in modern time. Although there is no clear historical evidence when and how this concept came in existence, but public storage system is presumed to have started in China in which tenants were provided exclusive access to their stuff in these storage units. Its actual emergence dates back to sometimes in late 1960s in Texas in United States where first chains for this type of facility were opened, but there was slow progress in this business.

Growth of self-storage industry

The growth of modern storage units can be attributed to the 1990s when its demand became prominent, but very few units were available to meet this evolving demand. The progress of constructing new units begun in 2000 and continued through 2005 when over 3000 units were added every year in this industry.

Self Storage lai chi kowk

As on today, there are over 50,000 units alone in United States which is the leading country for Self-Storage industry. These units are in almost every state and on many locations. One of the reasons could be that relocation rate is very high in this country, though relocation is a commonplace in western culture and other regions of the globe.

Self-storage industry is flourishing

This type of facility is a superb solution to combat with storage problem for relocators. The people and businesses enjoy full advantage of this facility because this is worthful for them. Besides United States, some other countries have been appealed by the advantages of this business and Self-Storage facilities have emerged in these countries. Hongkong is on example, but there are more. is one website where you can know about the facilities available in this business. This industry is not just a storage facility these days but has many more advantages of hiring. This industry has performed extremely well and appealed customers with multiple advantages which has resulted in its demand and ultimate progress on a high rate.

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