Organic Fair Trade Coffee: A Better Blend for Farmers and Customers  

Being a coffee lover isn’t easy. A bad cup of coffee in the morning can ruin your entire day.

Thankfully, there has been a steady growth of gourmet coffee roasters; this trend has increased the option of finding the perfect blend. Instead of relying only on the wholesale roasted coffee that tasted like a brown paper bag, one can opt for something way different and exciting, something like organic Fair Trade coffee.

What is Fair Trade coffee?

Coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards, and are approved by the FDA and the USDA, are branded as organic and Fair Trade coffee. This allows the roasters to choose from the finest coffees and blend them accordingly.

The demand of Fair Trade coffee is increasing, because coffee beans are imported from countries like Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the world is becoming more aware of the poor conditions of farmers there. More people and even companies are taking up steps to help farmers as well as the environment that produces their product.

organic Fair Trade coffee

Why should the consumers look for a fair trade product?

Fair trade was always the gold standard in quality, and farmers can gain 20 cent social premium, plus an extra30 cents per pound in case the product has been certified as organic. This increase of pay means farmers taking better care of their products to meet the standards, and in result, the consumer gets great coffee.

Stability against a changing market also makes it helpful. Certified products are given a base price, set by the Fair Trade Labelling Organization. This ensures that both the customers and the farmer get their deserving share.

Customers are buying coffee at higher prices every day, yet the producers receive less; people who are in the middle make money from the two ends. Organic Fair Trade coffee is set to change all that with its strict quality control and product surveying. If given a choice to buy a cup of coffee which tastes great, is environmentally friendly, and socially responsible, anyone would buy it even if that costs a few cents more.

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