How to Choose the Perfect Jeans for Yourself?

From a fashionista to someone who is agnostic of latest style and trends, a pair of jeans is indispensable for everyone. Jeans are easily the best fit for our everyday activities. Check out the latest works of Jeans-Manufaktur and gift yourself an exciting pair today.

Since its inception jeans have become a very popular choice for all its users. This is because of mainly they are durable, stylish and comfortable.

Here are the two major factors to remember that will help to choose the best pair of jeans you own.

Find the Right colour

Nowadays, jeans come in all shapes and colours. Apart from the usual suspects like blue and black, jeans are available in a lot of other colours like green, white, grey, red, khaki, etc. Also, these basic colours can have different shades and designs.

Stonewashed or faded in white patterned blue jeans are the most common that gives a quirky look. The right combination of jeans and a top can create a beautiful appearance.


Choose the best fit for your body

Everybody has a different body type, and most companies like Jeans-Manufaktur keep that in mind while creating the jeans. But these jeans types fluctuate from brands to brands.

The trick is to identify the brand that suits your body the best. Use trial and error method to achieve this. Like the MAC Melanie designs, which are quite famous among curvy women.

Some pointers that should be followed are –

  • Get proper measurements before buying a pair.
  • If you are slim and slender, go for straight leg low rises. Bell bottoms are out of fashion and wide leg or baggy jeans will look too loose.
  • If you do not have a well proportionate body shape, then high rises will make your hips flat.
  • If you have a slim waist along with muscular legs, you should opt for slim fit as it will showcase the definitions of your leg.
  • Go for basic regular fit if you are have wider legs and broad body structure. Skinny fit will make you look extremely tight and can be uncomfortable for wearing for a long period.

Currently, it is tough to find any wardrobe that lacks at least a pair of jeans. As there are a plethora of Jeans-Manufaktur options to choose a jeans from, to choose an apt pair or deciding what not to choose is quite a tricky task. Though it is always recommended to try out and move around in the dressing room before buying any jeans.

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