How Automation Revolutionized the Industrial World

Automation has gripped the industrial world. The technology developed at a rapid rate that allowed industries to use innovative automation techniques and processes. You can find automation and artificial intelligence, wherever you move your eyes. Numerical Control (NC), better referred to as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is an innovative process of machine control with computer-based software.

Automation in industry

The advancement in technology, and automation in particular, has simplified manufacturing to a great extent. Many complex designs which could be created conveniently by manual operations can now be created with least efforts by a computerized control. The coding and either 2D or 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilitates to run the machine for repeated processes in a streamlined manner because a computer can understand, whatever is programmed, for recurrent processing. This is the best part of automation.


Why automation is important for industry

Additive layer manufacturing technology or 3D computer aided design (CAD) data are important factors for automation process in rapid prototyping techniques. These techniques have made rapid progress since their advent because these techniques were accepted by many major industries. The quick development of new designs and faster testing methods help inventors to conquer the competitive markets. The design which comes first in the market penetrates quickly and the inventor gets all benefits of invention within a short period.

Application of automation

The support is provided by rapid prototyping services to use and run the techniques. Rapid prototyping techniques were earlier used for research and development in the labs, but its commercialization after 1980s was a breakthrough. The initiative was first taken by the developed countries such as United States, but later, developing countries also followed this initiative for their manufacturing processes. Today, rapid prototyping technology is used worldwide in many manufacturing industries. Software industry leads in the use of this technology because this is the industry which needs quick development and fast testing to launch the products.

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