Debunked Myths Related to Drug Testing Which You Need to Know

Drug tests are a standard procedure for every individual who is applying for a job in a company. Hence, having a clear concept about drugs and the various drug tests is essential for all. Many a time, it has come to light, that due to poor results in the tests, people have lost their jobs. Myths surrounding these tests are primary reason for people falling into the pitfalls. Hence, weedinmypocket debunks the myths which surround this topic.

  • Urine test is the only way to examine drugs in your system

This is one of the most common myth about this topic. Mostly so because this is one of the more quick and popular method that has been followed over the centuries. However, this is not the only option to test drugs in the system. Other methods include examining hair follicle, saliva, and blood.

  • Exercise helps in passing a test

Occasional cannabis users might substantially detox with strenuous exercise for a few weeks. However, this process definitely won’t be helpful if one is a regular user. Moreover, if there is a surprise drug test, then no amount of exercise will help. There are other methods of detoxing which you can know by visiting

Weed In my pocket

  • Homemade remedies work

This is the biggest myth of all. No homemade treatment has been scientifically proven to give 100% results. There are multiple articles which state that cranberry juice, vitamins, etc. work as it will mask the toxin in the system. No, it doesn’t hide anything, and a person using these will fail the test. Scientists with sufficient knowledge develop drug tests. Hence, an individual requires professionals or experts who have the same understanding for beating such tests.

  • Passing a drug test by drinking lots of water

People who think this, are seriously misinformed. Many individuals believe that drinking a significant amount of water before the test will help in flushing out toxins like THC from the system. However, it might not clear your system as much as you want. Also, one can’t fool the examiners are sophisticated. It will determine that there is a high creatinine level in body which will make any examiner and employer suspicious of one’s activities. Know more about flushing systems from weedinmypocket.

These are the most common myths which people believe and make them a victim when they go for a drug test. So, make sure to spread awareness among the users. To know more, you can always visit expert sites such as

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