Debunk the Myths of Drug Testing for Employers and Employees

A lot of rumors have been circulating around drug testing, especially in the employment field. No one wants to partake in a drug test, yet illicit use of drug has been present for a long period of time.

drug test kits

It is of utmost importance for the company to keep its employers and employees safe and secure from unwanted accidents as a result of recurring drug abuse. However, there still exist innumerable misconceptions behind substance abuse and drug analysis procedures. These myths not only aid one’s drug consumption habits but also cause individuals to end up on the negative side of the disciplinary scale.

Therefore, here are some clear facts to clarify the rumors circulating Drug tests.

5 myths about drug tests debunked:


All companies require you to pass a drug testing survey.


It’s not mandatory that every company you choose would require you to pass a drug test. However, no company supports illegal substance abuse. So if you want to keep your job and your respect, avoid using drugs in the workplace.

Myth 2:

Drinking abundant water before a test makes it difficult to detect THC


Yes, drinking water may act as a subduing agent to finding THC; however most drug tests cover creatinine a by-product of the digestive process. Hence diluting THC also dilutes Creatinine which will trigger a red flag for the company.

Myth 3:

Exercising extensively before a text can make you get rid of toxins from your body.


Drug test kits are much more modified today, so unless you get weeks of time to stay clean, any sudden drug test will catch the presence of unwanted toxins or THC in the blood in case of stoners.

Myth 4:

All drug tests are urine based


A big misconception about drug tests is that they’re all urine based. There are other more intricateassessments available like the Hair test, which is practically unbeatable as it goes back 90 days. Another common test is the saliva test, which goes back 3 days.

drug test kits

Myth 5:

Homemade remedies can betray the drug testkits.


The truth is Jell-O, Cranberry juice or vitamins won’t be a magic spell that can get you out of a drug test. So avoid homemade remedies and just avoid drugs altogether.

Now, drug testing has lots of benefits, remember it’s a step to create a safer work environment for both employers and employees. Hence, be truthful and keep in mind these debunked myths before participating in your drug test.




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