Confused About Eid Gifts Shopping? SomeIdeas for You!

Eid is a joyous occasion for everyone. It marks the end of the month of Ramadan and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is the day when everyone celebrates by wearing new clothes and offering prayers.

Exchanging gifts is also a huge part of the festival. Eid gifts are not just customary but are also a way of distributing joy to one’s kin and family. Hence, a lot of thought goes into buying these gifts.

Eid gifts

So, if you are confused about what presents to buy for your mother, sister, daughter, colleague and of course, your better half, here are a few ideas that can make this Eid special!

Gift ideas for Eid:

As said already, Eid is a beautiful occasion for exchanging gifts; so naturally, you want to buy something meaningful for the other person. Here are a few Eid gift ideas that can lessen your shopping woes a lot:

  1. Clothing items:

It is traditional to wear brand new clothes on Eid, so clothing items are the most convenient gifts. However, you can add spin and not gift the conventional clothes. Instead, you can gift a beautiful Hijab. There are a variety of Hijabs you can choose from- chiffon ones being the most popular. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time, and women all around the world prefer them over normal black and white Hijabs.

  1. Hijab accessories:

A Hijab, of course, needs a pin and an under-scarf. You can get them together as a set with the Hijab or gift them separately too. There are a plethora of pin designs you can choose from, like flower designs, glitter pins, black and white brooches as well as magnetic pins.

Eid gifts

  1. Candles and bath bombs:

Scented candles are not only good for decoration or their fragrances, but also can make great gifts. A set of scented candles and bath bombs together is perfect for giving women some “me time”. Hence, along with clothes and accessories, these luxury items also make for great Eid gifts.

  1. Handbags/ purses:

Any woman who says that she doesn’t like handbags or shoes is not being completely honest. Thus,clearly, these make perfect gifts for any occasion, Eid not being an exception. You can get them in a plethora of colours, designs, sizes and shapes. So,choose any one,and make the women in your life very happy.

Where can you shop for Eid gifts?

It is not difficult to get the items mentioned above. However, online shops have a much larger collection,and you can easily choose the one you like without having to visit numerous shops for the perfect Eid gift. So,don’t delay and get to shopping!


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