Buying Unusual Gifts for Christmas is Telling That You Care!

Do you know why people exchange gifts during Christmas? The tradition of Christmas gifts takes its origin from the presents which the three wise men from the East had offered to baby Christ upon his birth. These were no ordinary presents, but the world’s most precious and Unusual Gifts, thoughtfully chosen by three wise men for the new leader of peace, harmony and humanity.

  • Gold as a symbol of kingship.
  • Frankincense (an incensed stick) as a symbol of deity.
  • Myrhh (embalming oil) as the symbol for death.

Can you understand the significance of these?

Each was so unique, so carefully chosen for someone who was going to make his stamp on this world. Thus was born the tradition of Christmas gifts – to encourage a fellow, to inspire and to show your attention to their likes and dislikes, nature and demeanour.

Take the pain and make an effort:

Gifts in the present world have become more a matter of showing one’s affluence and pomp rather than care and love. So, this Christmas, take out some time from your busy schedule, let your fingers work on the computer keyboard and make the effort of selecting a unique gift for each.

Let them be taken aback by your level of compassion and thoughtful approach to the most special celebration of the season. Let Christmas be a true carnival of humanity, love and compassion!

Unusual Gifts

How can you choose unusual gifts for each age and gender?

Now that is a very pertinent question. Nowadays, what people do is, visit the supermarket or shopping mall, spend a lot of amounts and get a handful of clothes, accessories, etc. It has kind of become an obligation.

However, you can be the change. Read a little about each age group, gender, what they like and need at this particular point in life. Additionally, you must also take the initiative of knowing them inside out in order to choose something special and unique. It need not be very expensive, but must be an unusual Christmas gift!

Some ideas for your convenience!

  • For mothers:

The ones who will never pass any comments on how they liked or disliked the gift. This Christmas, you can buy your mother a ticket for a vacation or surprise her by getting her something she has long desired to possess!

  • For fathers:

Get your father his favorite brand of Scotch or a camera that he wanted in his younger years.

  • For young adults:

Young adults are the ones who still wait for Christmas gifts. Try surprising them with something they least expect, like, a tablet or a scooter!

  • For friends:

The ideal thing to gift your best friend during Christmas is a trekking trip together! Have fun, make memories and frame it as your Christmas photograph.

The world is fast losing its heart. So, be a change this Christmas and let your unusual gifts do the talking. Show them that you really care!


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