Asian Bookies Are Better Alternative Than European Bookies in S. Korea

The term Asian bookie is commonly used with reference to online betting. The main focus to use Asian bookies is for online sports betting. The Asian markets of sports betting are on the rise because developers of most sports betting sites are Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and China. Indonesian sites are most trusted, but people trust little on Chinese sites. Anyways, there is a great demand for these sites because people have started taking more interest in online sports betting compared to online casino or poker games.

Introduction of 토토 in South Korea

In an emerging scenario of sports betting, South Korea has also joined this race. Gambling, or called 토토 in Korean language, is not new for local population, but this was a risky affair before the South Korean made steps towards legalization of gambling and betting activities. For many years, only few activities such as lottery (called lottoilbo in local language), bicycle racing, boat racing, and horse racing were included in the list of legal betting activities, but its focus on tourism allowed it to legalize more activities for betting purpose.

Popularity of 스포츠토토 in S. Korea

스포츠토토 was started in South Korea in 1997 which became very popular. Now, its popularity has been extended to Korean sports football (soccer), basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, and even traditional Korean wrestling, called ssireum. Still, there is not much facility to gamble or bet in this country, but police forces are not much serious about sports betting due to enactment of laws. The sports betting in South Korea is popular in fixed odds and running odds formats.

Asian bookies dominate in S. Korea

Asian bookies dominate in Asian markets for sports betting activities because they are specialized to perform in Asian settings. Asian bookies are licensed in Philippines as many of them operate in other Asian countries because they are better alternative to UK and European bookies. Asian bookies and European are also authorized to operate in South Korea, but people have preference for Asian bookies for many good reasons.



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