A Guide to Choose the Best and Healthier Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Most of the coffee lovers around the world are fanatics about how their coffee tastes. The taste of coffee depends,to the maximum extent, on the brand you select. So, here is a guide on how to choose the best organic fair trade coffee that can give you the perfect experience in having this most coveted cup of coffee.

organic Fair Trade coffee

Check whether they use chemicals or not:

While selecting a brand for your coffee, make sure that the cultivation of coffee beans doesn’t involve the use of chemicals that are usually associated with farming. Many a times, farmers use pesticides and chemical fertilizers to enhance their crops’ productivity. This can adversely affect coffee plants by the following ways:

  • Over fertilization hampers growth of plants which often leads to stunted growth and even death.
  • Toxic elements like arsenic, cadmium and uranium can enter into food chains causing significant health problems like reproductive impairment, hormonal problems, weakened immune system and multiple of other problems.

Check the presence of caffeine:

Caffeine free or decaf coffees have become a highly sought after drink. This is because of the absence of caffeine which otherwise poses major health problems on consumption. While you choose an organic coffee brand, make sure it is free from the same. Also, check the company associated with the removal of caffeine as there are different processes of its removal.

Your preference:

Arabica and Robusta are two main qualities of coffee beans that are available for consumption.

Robusta- They are comparatively cheaper than Arabica and are easier to grow.

Arabica – They are premium quality beans that make great coffee.

Don’t forget to check the degree of roasted coffee beans you need which is generally mentioned in its packet.

Lighter Roast beans are generally brown in color that leave a bitter taste whereas the dark roasted beans are deeper and darker that have a much deeper taste. Medium roasted beans are also available that has a slightly deeper color than the light roasted ones.

Compare online prices of organic coffee

While selecting a brand, keep an eye on other products that are available in the market. Compare the prices and other details including what raw materials they are using for further processing of the coffee, etc.

organic Fair Trade coffee

As organic fair trade coffeehas multiple health benefits, people are shifting their focus from normal ones to this organic one. Hence, your dream of living a healthier life starts with your first cup of organic coffee.


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