4 Guidelines for Choosing the Best RC Cars under $100

Have you ever walked passed an RC cars store and got depressed seeing the high price of the same? There is no reason to worry anymore, because you can get the best RC car under $100.

With advancement in technology, you can see a constant upgradation of RC cars that gives you an amazing experience every time you play with one. To make your purchase a hassle free one, here are a few tips before buying a RC car.

best rc cars under 100

  1. Size

Keep the place in mind where you are going to drive this vehicle and choose the size accordingly. For instance, if you are going to run the car indoors, choose a medium or small sized one of a scale around 1:10. Similarly if you have a bash spot near you, a big size that is more than 1:10 can be an ideal choice.

  1. Brand

When it comes to getting the best RC cars under 100, choosing a brand can slightly limit your choice. However, there are a few brands that are extremely budget-friendly and can give you the exact RC car you have been dreaming about.

  • Maisto R/C (3-Channel) Rock Crawler
  • TOZO RC Car
  • Tamiya, The Grasshopper RC Car
  • Holy Stone Lamborghini VenenoDiecast
  • Babrit F11, etc. are a few cars to name.

  1. Type

Electric and Nitro RC car are the two major types of car that are available in the market. The electric ones use battery and are less noisy. They are also safe for indoor use and can be played by both adults and kids as it requires less maintenance.

Nitro cars, on the other hand uses fuel and give you an incredible experience of running a real life racing car. Moreover, they can be run for longer periods of time just by refuelling it.

  1. Price

As you want to buy the best RC car under $100, check all the criteria that fit your requirements mentioned above. Or else, you will end up with buying something that would be a complete waste.

However, while buying the best RC car under 100, make sure you test drive it before driving. Be meticulous in choosing the best one that suits your need.

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