4 Different Types of Jeans Available At Jeans-Manufaktur Store Online

First thing that comes to mind while talking about jeans is the word “denim”.  It is basically a type of fabric which never goes out of fashion.  It is a piece of cloth that defines almost every woman’s wardrobe in recent times. Varieties of jeans are available at different renowned shops like Jeans-Manufaktur.

It’s very true that one lives on a pair of jeans for a couple of days without washing it regularly. One should be very specific about the brand and the pattern before buying it. MAC Melanie is one such example among different patterns of jeans available at the retail shops. Since it has become casual wear for most of the woman, so one should be very specific before buying jeans which will fit her perfectly.


Different Types of Jeans according to the Body Type:

  • Skinny Jeans:

These are skin tight and fitting jeans. It can be low, mid or high waist jeans which take the shape of your legs. These are for women/girls who have lean and sexy legs and cannot wait to flaunt them.

  • Straight Leg Jeans:

Not comfortable in skinny or skin tight jeans? Well, then this is the perfect type of jeans for you. Straight jeans are not flared jeans. It gives shape to your body and your legs look longer than they are. Anyone can wear it.

  • Jeggings:  

It is basically a type of leggings. If not noticed carefully, it looks similar to jeans. Jeggings and a pair of boots are perfect winter attire. Any type of body can wear it.

  • Flared-Jeans:

This was famous among the 90’s woman. It was out of fashion for many days but is again back in trends. The bottom part is flared but it is skinny on top. There are different types like MAC Melanie which gives a retro-look to your attire.

 Still confused about what to buy and what not? Well, you can visit few shops like Jeans-Manufaktur and many other outlets and choose your favourite outfit.

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