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Buen Camino

Welcome to Pili Pala Press's Walking the Camino de Santiago. After publishing physical maps and guides to the camino for over 12 years our aim is to now offer a e-guide to the Camino de Santiago for free. If you would like to support us and help us improve our guide please consider making a donation.

This first version has no maps, flora and fauna guide and no geolocation which we hope to add over time as resources allow.

What we do and who we are

Pili Pala Press was founded in 1993 to publish walking guides to Spain and Portugal. Pili Pala, for the uninitiated, is Welsh for butterfly (the clue's in the logo). We could say that we chose the name to reflect our love of nature and our restless desire for travel, but really we just like the way it sounds.

Our philosophy

Pili Pala Press cares passionately about the environment. And we put our money where our environmental mouth is. Each year, Pili Pala Press donates money to organizations working in Spain and Portugal. The money represents 4% of the cover price of every Pili Pala Press we sell. A big thank you to all our customers for making this happen! Since 2006, Pili Pala Press has donated an average of $2000 a year to the World Wildlife Fund's Cork Oak Forest Programme. Sales in earlier years have supported the Confraternity of St James' new albergue in Miraz on the Camino del Norte, to help clean up after the notorious Prestige oil spill and to support habitat for the rare Iberian Lynx.

Contact Pili Pala Press

Because we're travel publishers, we're often away from the office. Send us an e-mail for the fastest response to your question. Due to the large amount of spam we where receiving we have added a email form to fill out. Please be patient and we will get back to you.